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As per research conducted by Kessler International, a forensic accounting and investigative firm, an astonishingly high 95 percent of employees reported stealing from employers which results in huge losses.

  • Are you facing theft issues from customers/staff in your Shopping malls?

  • Are you facing theft issues from staff in your warehouses?

  • Are you facing quality issues from your suppliers?

  • Are you sure that the supplier does deliver you the correct quantity and quality of goods that you had ordered?

  • Are you spending too much on manual labor to maintain the stock, paperwork and inventory

  • Are you able to retrieve information of available or fast running out of stock items in different warehouses or malls at the click of a button?

  • Do you need to invest in manual efforts to store stock information of various goods?

  • Are you able to compare the sales data of various centers at a click of a button?

  • Are you able to compare the sales data of different products and thus find out the best selling and least selling products in different centers?

  • Do you have automated billing solutions that equip you with a bulk billing facility?

We at ABPEMS Electronics offer a wide range of customized sensors/solutions/devices/software that are suitable for your needs. The advantages of our solution are:

  • Resolve theft issues by Staff/Customers in malls or warehouses and thereby increase the profit.

  • Manage quality issues by monitoring humidity,moisture and temperature of the goods sent by the supplier.

  • No manual efforts required to store stock information.

  • Easy comparisons and daily monitoring of the Sales data of different centers and get information of best selling centers, best/least selling products from various centers.

  • Automated billing system with bulk billing facility.

  • Automatic alerts for products that are fast running out stock.

  • Reduce inventory errors, ensuring that the inventory reported is indeed available. By tracking pieces more exactly, companies can more accurately detail what has sold in the last business day, and improve the accuracy of their forecasts about what inventory is actually needed.

  • Reduced warehouse and distribution labor costs -- Warehouse and distribution costs typically represent 2% to 4% of operating expenses. Replacing point-and-read labor-intensive operations with sensors that track pallets, cases, cartons and individual products anywhere in the facility can significantly reduce labor costs, resulting in savings of 30% or more.

  • It helps in reducing errors in order fulfillment and shipping thereby not only lowering the monetary cost of errors, but also keeping customer satisfaction and return business levels high.

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