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As per research conducted by Kessler International, a forensic accounting and investigative firm, an astonishingly high 95 percent of employees reported stealing from employers which results in huge losses.

  • Are you facing Theft issues from the staff or the customer?

  • Are you sure your billing staff is absolutely honest and does not indulge in dubious means to pocket a part of your hard earned money?

  • Do you have a full-proof billing system that makes it impossible for the billing staff to commit frauds?

  • Do you have access to sales information of your various branches at a click of a button?

  • Are you able to view information of all the available/out of stock medicines or surgical equipments from your home 

  •  or any other remote location?

  • Are you and your staff spending too much time in tracking of important surgical tools/ equipments/laundry?

  • Are you finding it time consuming to keep track of patients/doctors and hospital staff?

  • Are you wasting time in tracking/identifying medical bags that include blood and specimen bags?

  • Are you investing lot of manual efforts in tracking of patient files

We at ABPEMS Electronics provide a customized solution that suits your needs to address the above mentioned issues. The customized solution that we propose will provide the below given advantages:

  • Provide automated Billing which will resolve theft issues.

  • Patient monitoring for patients with critical health conditions.

  • Reduces inventory expenses, enhance inventory management and lessens equipment search times. 

  • Deter theft and automate maintenance with real-time discernibility into the location and status of equipment (check whether it is sterilized/unsterile, broken/fixed, in use/available).

  • Save capital expenses and reduce time spent by staff to locate misplaced equipment.

  • Determine the availability status to improve operational performance.

  • Enhance patient throughput by minimizing equipment search times for doctors.

  • Monitor par level with location-based work orders that enhance utilization and reduce rental expenses.

  • Notify security before equipment leaves the hospital premises to prevent theft.

  • Automate work order warnings and measure on-time servicing to increase availability.

  • Track fixed asset movement history to isolate process improvements and boost workflows.

  • Track inventory across departments and minimize costs due to loss, damage, and theft.

  • Maximize maintenance effectiveness by organizing the maintenance processes to expand the durability of assets and improve productivity.

  • Expand warranty recovery by enhancing tracking of repairs that are entitled for warranty claims.

  • Enhance reliability and risk management.

  • Remotely access information of fixed assets at various location.

  • Promote a climate of control in labs, stores and operation theater.

  • Stock control of expensive inventory items.

  • Monitors Contracts of Annual Maintenance and the period of guarantee of fixed assets.

  • Improves efficiency by automatically calculating depreciation of each fixed asset.

  • Track the environment of usage when equipment are taken out for medical camps.

  • Easy monitoring of insurance and premium details of a fixed assets.

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