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We develop Mobile applications (Android/IOS) which can control and communicate with your hardware.

Have a product that needs to be controlled by an mobile application?

We can develop and maintain mobile apps that run on different platforms (Android, IOS) which can achieve the desired functionality.





Benefits we offer:

  1. Responsive design

  2. A team of talented individuals under 1 roof

  3. Agile development

  4. Cross Platform development using Xamarin Forms

  5. Separation of layers using the MVC or MVVM pattern

Approach used:

The approach used will be to partition the  app into discrete, loosely coupled components that can easily be integrated together into an app. In other words different layers will be separated. Such an approach offers the following benefits

  1. Allow individual functionality to be developed, tested, extended, and maintained by different individuals or teams

  2. Promote reuse and a clean separation of concerns between the app’s horizontal capabilities, such as authentication and data access, and vertical capabilities, such as app specific business functionality. This allows the dependencies and interactions between app components to be more easily managed.

  3. Maintain  separation of roles by allowing different individuals or teams to focus on a specific task or piece of functionality according to their expertise. In particular, it provides a cleaner separation between the user interface and the app’s business logic.

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