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TouchFree Magic

We offer a wide range of touchfree solutions.


This new Made in India motion based switch will help lights or appliances to switch on/off based on motion. This is a great idea to have touch free devices during times of COVID and also save electricity consumption to a great extent.


Product Features :

  • 360 degree spherical sensing distance of 5 meters.

  • Inbuilt SMPS (LED Drivers)

  • Dust Proof, Compact size, can be concealed inside wall or ceiling

  • Delay Time of 30 Seconds

  • Can Attach all Electrical / Electronic Devices AC / DC

  • Single unit required for multiple devices in a series

  • Maximum Load

  • Dust Proof,Compact size ( 7cm X 3.8 cm X 2.7 cm), can be concealed inside wall or ceiling

Technical Specifications:

Detection Range: 5 meters
Supply voltage: 230V
Maximum Load Current: 7 Amps
Operating temperature: -20 to 50 degrees

Applications :
1. Building Lobbies, Homes, Offices and Corridors
2. Staircases, Balconies, Toilets, Shop Floors
3. Parking Areas
4. Ward-robes, Design Tables, Lifts, Trial Rooms
5. Show Rooms, Office cabins, Pantry Areas
6. Office Cabins
7. Pantry Areas
8. Common Meeting Halls & Gathering Places
9. Libraries, Record Rooms & Store Rooms
10. Theaters & Public Function Halls
11. Educational Institutes
12. Hospitals
13. Sports Complexes & Clubs


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