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The Autoclave controller is preloaded with 4 programs and has a feature for users to save 6 more user defined programs. 
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The controller contains all the built-in temperature control and timer functions for steam sterilizer operations  

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Our Furnace controller allows to program setpoint, curing time and also supports extra outputs for cooling fan and pump  

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Our ultrasonic controllers  allow easy construction of smart ultrasonic cleaners without having to invest for designing new controller
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We offer a wide range of controllers (from smaller displays to large modules with easy to access, well spaced buttons and larger display options) for different medical applications which includes custom built PCB's that are developed according to the clients specifications and exact needs.


Our controllers have many new and unique features making them ideal for manufacturers to use it as an easy replacement for existing PLC panels or upgrade the devices to have an inbuilt digital controller.


Our modules are easy to use, cost effective and provide an intuitive programming interface along with large text for easy view. 

Our modular approach can be used to replace the highly costly PLC’s and can also be inbuilt in the equipment itself which will inturn reduce the cost to a great extent and will also give a professional compact look to the equipment.

Unique features include 
1.    Touch screen option with TFT display
2.    Printer option to view cycle statistics
3.    Data saving option (USB or SD card)

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